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In a world increasingly focused on technological advancement and global competitiveness, it’s easy for environmental concerns to be overshadowed. As companies push for excellence, the environmental impact of their operations can sometimes be an afterthought. This oversight, unfortunately, leads to significant harm to our environment. This is where our expertise in environmental engineering becomes vital. It’s a field dedicated to addressing and mitigating the harmful effects of pollution. We work not only to enhance the health and safety of communities but also play a critical role in controlling climate change and tackling challenges in environmental infrastructure.

In a world where industries strive for technological advancement and global competitiveness, environmental concerns can often take a back seat. As companies race to excel, they may overlook the environmental impact of their operations. This neglect can lead to significant damage to our environment. Enter environmental engineering—a crucial field that addresses and mitigates the harmful effects of pollution. Environmental engineering not only enhances the health and safety of communities but also plays a pivotal role in climate change control and addressing environmental infrastructure challenges.

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Importance of environmental engineering

Our team at SEG recognizes the importance of environmental engineering in ensuring a sustainable and responsible future. We utilize our analytical skills to provide strategic guidance for sustainability initiatives, including low-carbon energy generation. By embracing innovative technologies and minimizing carbon footprints, we contribute to a greener tomorrow.


Environmental Engineering Services:

Stormwater Management

Expert solutions to manage and control stormwater runoff effectively, preventing erosion and pollution.

Sediment & Erosion Control

Implementation of measures to minimize sediment runoff and erosion during construction activities.

Low Impact Design

Innovative design approaches that minimize environmental impact while optimizing functionality.

Floodplain Determinations

Critical assessments of flood risk to inform development decisions and ensure safety.

Landscape Architecture

Blending aesthetic design with functional planning, including drainage, soil stability, infrastructure, and parameter planning, to create efficient and visually compelling outdoor spaces.

LEED Certification

Demonstrating your commitment to sustainable practices by obtaining Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification.

Forest Stand Delineation

Expert assessments of forested areas to ensure proper planning and conservation.

Forest Conservation Plans

Preserving natural environments and incorporating them into your development plans.

MDE NOI Sediment Control Inspections:

Ensuring compliance with sediment control regulations and safeguarding water quality.

Wetland Delineations

Comprehensive assessments of wetland areas to guide responsible development practices.

Percolation Plans

Designing effluent disposal systems that minimize environmental

Recording of environmental easements, floodplains, and wetland locations.

Facilitating responsible land development by accurately documenting environmental easements, floodplains, and wetland locations.

With SEG’s qualified professionals and established relationships with respected environmental consultants, we ensure that your projects meet the highest environmental standards. Together, let’s create a future where progress and sustainability go hand in hand. Contact us to learn more about how our expertise can elevate your development plans.

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